• Glossary

    Pre-dispute and Pre-dispute fee

    With our cutting-edge technical in payment industry and strong power from our cooperative partner,We're able to foresee those transactions which could be charged back in future.  ......

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    Pan Card Details

    Pan Card stands for Permanent Account Number Card used in India. Pan Card is required for any kind of financial transaction in India. Pan Card includes Photo and 10 digit unique alphanumeric numbers for every individual. This Pan Card is issued by Govt. of India (through Tax Department or Ministry  ......

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    9 things you need to know about prepaid cards

    Thinking about picking up a reloadable prepaid card? Join the club. In 2015, more than half of all Americans purchased a prepaid card for personal use, compared to 19 percent in 2008, according to Synergistics Research Corp., which studies the prepaid market. ......

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    AVS (Address Verification System) Results

    Address verification is performed by comparing portions of the billing address from the request message with address data on file at the issuing bank. Results are returned for the street address and for the postal code. ......

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    BIN (bank identification number) is the first six numbers of a payment card. These standardized numbers provide useful information about the card that can help make your payments flow smarter. ......

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    Settlement ROE(Rate of Exchange)

    Our settlement ROE(Rate of exhcange) refers to the BOC Cash Selling Rate.Please check the details Here.However the actual ROE we're taking will be increased by 1.5% to 2% ......

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    AVL BAL*(Available Balance)

    AVL BAL*(Available Balance): Generally speaking, AVL BAL* is always less than or equal to the total balance because of holding period terms. Of course,not only holding period terms,but also it is affected by refund,chargeback orders and withdrawal. To make it simple,let's give an example. ......

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  • Glossary

    Risk control reserve

    Risk control reserve ......

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    What are some common causes of 'Do Not Honor' payment ga...

    What are some common causes of 'Do Not Honor' payment gateway response codes? ......

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    Terms of use

    The base currency of merchant account with is CNY,but we can clear the funds to any bank with any currency. The amount of approved transactions will be held for some days before you can withdraw the funds to your bank account. It ranges from 20 days to 30 days for new set-up business ......

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  • Glossary

    Login password and Payment password

    When we set merchant account for our merchants,login password and payment password will be sent with the notification email as well. ......

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  • How to use


    API_KEY is one the most important parameters in API integration,it is used in all endpoint to create sha256 hash string.You will find it in the "My account" page. ......

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    Visa Chargeback Reason Code 72: No Authorization

    Definition: The issuing bank received a transaction for which authorization was not obtained. The most common cause is not obtaining an authorization for a transaction or, for card present, obtaining it after the transaction date. For Automated Fuel Dispenser (AFD) transactions, the issuing bank  ......

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    Indian Financial System Code(IFSC CODE)

    The Indian Financial System Code (IFS Code or IFSC) is an alphanumeric code that facilitates electronic funds transfer in India. A code uniquely identifies each bank branch participating in the two main Payment and settlement systems in India: the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and the National E ......

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    MasterCard’s Excessive Chargeback Program

    MasterCard carefully scrutinizes each merchant’s chargeback activity as part of the Excessive Chargeback Program. Through the use of predetermined chargeback thresholds, acquirers are able to evaluate and predict chargeback risk. The network expects each acquirer to monitor these MasterCard charg ......

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