• Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

    21-10-14  55

    Strong Customer Authentication: What You Need to Know About SCA in 2021 Strong customer authentication, or SCA, is not simply a description of verification standards. Under the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), SCA is now a law in the European market. SCA protocols actually went into effe ......

  • New Data: Almost 25% of US Cross-Border Remittance S...

    21-09-26  76
    Payment related

    Cross-border remittances are a lifeline for many developing economies, but high fees and long processing times can make timely payments difficult for those who may be the least able to afford delays. Some consumers now are turning to cryptocurrencies as a payment option that allows them to send paym ......

  • Cash Back on Debit Card Transactions: What You Need ...

    21-09-23  112
    Payment related

    What Merchants Need to Know About Offering Cash Back on Debit Card Purchases? Providing cash back for debit card transactions is a popular customer service option for brick-and-mortar merchants. For those interested in offering this service, it’s important to understand the card networks’ regula ......

  • Error Chargebacks

    21-09-15  100

    What is a Processing Error? For the most part, processing errors stem from mistakes you made at some point during the payment submission. Some of these errors may be caught by the issuer, the card network, or your processor. Others, such as “duplicate processing,” may go unnoticed…at least until th ......

  • Merchant Account Reserve

    21-09-13  149

    What is a Merchant Account Reserve? When & Why Do I Need One? If there is one element of credit card processing that is universally dreaded by all merchants, it may be the merchant account reserve. All merchant accounts present a certain amount of risk to processors and banks. You may be req ......

  • Chargebacks vs. Churn: How to Strike the Right Balance

    21-09-09  134
    Payment related

    A hallmark of the subscription economy is its promise of regular, recurring revenue. But what happens when billing…doesn’t recur?  ......

  • Double Refund Chargebacks

    21-09-06  150
    Payment related

    What Is a Double Refund? “A double refund chargeback occurs when a cardholder requests a refund for a transaction, then files a chargeback for the same purchase. The merchant dutifully refunds the charge, unaware that the cardholder plans to dispute the charge and get their money back twice.”  ......

  • How to create a MID?

    21-01-27  467
    How to use

    How to create or delete a MID  ......

  • How to set up 2-Step Authentication?

    21-01-27  481
    How to use

    How to set up 2-Step Authentication? ......

  • How to add and delete an APP in merchant account

    21-01-26  440
    How to use

    How to add and delete an APP in merchant account  ......

  • About Fastpay-link

    21-01-26  360
    How to use

    About Fastpay-link ......

  • Regarding the terms of settlement currency

    17-08-18  2831
    How to use

    Currently we iPasspay are available to clear any currency to any bank all over the world,but we strongly suggest our merchants take the following currencies as the first options if possible: ......

  • Ready-go program for tech support service providers

    17-07-09  2696
    How to use

    More and more tech support merchants sense that they've dedicated too much time,energe and money to their own websites themselves,but really it makes no sense.We iPasspay insists that we should do one thing and do it extrordinary well.It's better for them to pay more and more attention to their own  ......

  • Pre-dispute and Pre-dispute fee

    17-05-24  2609

    With our cutting-edge technical in payment industry and strong power from our cooperative partner,We're able to foresee those transactions which could be charged back in future.  ......

  • Pan Card Details

    17-04-26  2390
    Payment related

    Pan Card stands for Permanent Account Number Card used in India. Pan Card is required for any kind of financial transaction in India. Pan Card includes Photo and 10 digit unique alphanumeric numbers for every individual. This Pan Card is issued by Govt. of India (through Tax Department or Ministry  ......