Risk control reserve

Risk control reserve ......

Usually merchants with unstable processing volume will be taken as a high risk behavior by PSP and will be suspended to withdraw. In general,it is operated manually and notified by their risk control department.

In iPasspay,we have similar terms to handle this kind of issues.We set a rule called risk control reserve which means each time when merchants withdraw the funds, the left balance should be more than a value caculated accoring to a fixed algorithm.

First,we caculate the avarage daily success volume during the past M days,let's say the value is A.

Second, we set a coefficient called R for the merchant which ranges from 0 to 1.

Third,let's say the merchant's holding period is N days,then we'll obtain the value of risk control reserve according to the following caculation method;

Risk control reserve = A*R*N

For each merchant,the value of M,R and N is not fixed,so the value is different from each other.You will sense that if the merchant's volume is stable,the risk control reserve will have no effect on the settlement terms.