About Us

About Us

iPasspay is a young,free,open and energetic team.We’re happy to be labelled as a ‘Tech company’ other than ‘Payment solution provider’,although most of us have over 5 years’ experience on credit card processing.Our experience allows us to provide our clients with industry-leading customer service, as well as technical support. In addition to providing the best customer care in the industry, we guarantee the lowest prices on our products and services.

Bill Gates said,21st century either electronic commerce, either does not have business to be possible.On the top of that, we try our best to make the most comprehensive set of merchant account and payment processing services available,and believe that accepting credit card online should be as easy as drinking a cup of coffee.

As a ‘tech company’,we insist on telling our article of faith:

1.Focus on the user and all else will follow.

2.Do one thing,and do it really really well.

3.Fast is not necessarily good,success belongs to those who does not tumble.

4.Less is more.

5.You can make money without doing evil.

6.Believe in the future of internet.