Our solution covers all kinds of markets,including high risk business


Whether you're an on-the-go mobile seller, a brick and mortar shop, or an online business, we have the products that will help you drive faster, easier sales.


Accept credit cards online for shoppingcarts

This is the option for any business that has a website on the Internet — it is also our merchants’ most popular choice.

Anyone,personal or cooperation passed our compliance will get a merchant account,which allows them to accept credit cards.We now support major credit card types like Visa,MasterCard,Jcb,Amex and so on.Also simple and easy-to-use API doc will be sent to you with our free tech support,so you can easily integrate our service in short time.With our powerful merchant control panel,you can controll all your transactions in your own hand.

We focus on modifing the convenience and safety of receiving credit card payment online,increasing the approved rate and reducing the fraud orders.Devotion creates Professionalization, which achieves Perfection. In a word,you run the business,we'll handle the payments.



Email/Telephone/Face-to-face order(VT)

For those merchants who have no strong tech capacity,but still want to share the cakes brought by modern e-commernce with credit card payments,we also provide matching solution called Virtual terminal.To us,Email,telephone or face-to-face orders' volume may not be that high,and they collect the customers' credit cards,which was considered a little high risk, but their chargeback rate is easy to control and far from lower than real-time processing online of high risk merchants,so they're welcome and taken seriously in our side.

Multiple MIDs supported

To work with our partners all over the world, we're not only providing mids for our merchants located in China maindland and Hongkong,but also including those in many other districts. We have really good relationship with many PSPs and acquirers which help us to get mids directly from the local banks easily. Think of that if you're declined by one PSP, you need to reach others one by one,and you may be declined again and again if you can't read their different terms,but if you work with us, it means you've connected many local PSPs in one go without costing more money and time.

Even you're declined due to some particular reasons,we will provide some important advice so you can be back anytime when you reach the minimal needs.



Worldwide funds clearing

Clearing the funds to the bank account disignated by the clients is not a easy and simple job.Each nation has strict limites on the funds in and out,especially in China.To the clients,security,stability and fast speed are the most important during the process.Later then the cost,maybe the lower the better.So lucky,we've already got the key,the best solution to balance all the factors as above.

For those who has no merchant account with ipasspay.com,but still want to clear the funds to all over the world,we also provide the solution.The fee is lower to range from 2% to 5%.

Gateway-to-gateway integration

If you're looking for gateway-to-gateway services,and want to build your own platform,make your own payment brand,and the most important,you have a lot merchants resources,just stop here.Yes,we're who you want to search for.For more details,check the affiliates:

Affiliates program



Local payment support

For merchants who're selling goods to China,we're very welcome.As you know,China has become the second largest economic entity with a population of 1.3 billion.This is a big big market.The more important,China goverment has paid a lot of attention on improving the e-commerce environment.Over 31.76% of the people have the shopping online experience,and the rate is still increasing by 20% each year.Alipay,Tenpay,and Unionpay have covered over 95% local payment market in China.

Would you like to share the big cake in China with ipasspay.com?Contact us at merchant@ipasspay.com as soon as possible.

Sub-account support

I'm a traditional merchant who're not good at doing business online,but still there is a lot of single or company who're good at marketing online,they're selling their orders to us,then we take the after steps like delivery,is there any way to process this situation?

This is really a special needs.Luckily we still have solutions.We allow the merchants to set up sub accounts themselves.Sub-account can only see the transactions from his own websites,they can add or delete their sites,but they cannot see the fee structure and statement.Is this what you want?Not only for this,we also allow the merchant to define the sub-account's previlage.Control your account,control all.



If the solutions here still cannot meet your needs,please inquire us of more details at : merchant@ipasspay.com .