Our fees and rates,transparency you can see

Please note we have low set up fee and no monthly fee for both merchant account and affiliates.


Fees and rates

Fees and rates

We made our fees and rates simple and easy-understanding.

Here you can see all (Currency: USD ):

Buy rate(MDR)
2.8% ~ 18%
Setup fee
1000.00 (600.00 returned when monthly volume higher than 100000 USD with chargeback ratio lower than 10% after 3 months)
Chargeback fee
Pre-dispute fee
Refund fee
Fixed fee
1.00 or lower
Withdrawal fee
Rolling reserve
Holding period
7days ~ 30days
Merchants processed over 6 months with good chargeback rate and volume can apply for lower fees and rates.

Let us see free items:

Application fee
Monthly fee
Yearly fee
Tech support
Platform use
Compliance check
Contract time frames
Closing fee

Your final fee and rates are determined by the following key factors:

  • Transaction volume
  • Business type
  • Processing history
  • Chargeback rate
  • Currency to be wired
  • Materials asked by our compliance department
  • ...
We do have no strict limits on the factors above.No volume,no processing history is also welcome.


Please note:

Fixed fee
Only charged when transaction got approved
Rolling reserve
Will be returned to your balance after 180 days for all merchant accounts
Fast settle
With the method of circulation settlement, merchant can be settled by daily utmost to get cash flow quickly.
Holding period
Transaction amount isnot allowed to be withdrawed before holding period.See more,please click Here
Settlement ROE
Our settlement ROE(Rate of exhcange) refers to the BOC Cash Selling Rate.Please check the details Here.However the actual ROE we're taking will be increased by 1.5% to 2.5%.
Conversion charge : Your customers will be charged a bit more than original price due to currency conversion.Our acquiring bank is located in China,so all other currency will be converted to CNY before the transaction was cleared.And if the customer's local currency of credit card does not match the Business owner's currency account,they may be charged another currency exchange fee by the issuing bank.We're sorry for the convenience,but we really have no control on issuing and acquiring bank.