• Banks Friendly to Cryptocurrencies

    24-07-02  141

    Cryptocurrencies have gained significant traction globally, and several banks have positioned themselves as crypto-friendly by supporting or even facilitating cryptocurrency transactions and businesses. Here are some banks that are considered friendly to cryptocurrencies ......

  • What are Card-Not-Present Transactions?

    21-12-26  8074

    Let’s start with the basics.
As the name suggests, a card-not-present transaction is any transaction in which you, as a merchant, never actually see or handle the physical payment card. Unlike a typical brick-and-mortar purchase, you don’t come face-to-face with the cardholder.
Card-not-present tran ......

  • 60% of US and UK Businesses Report Cross-Border Pay...

    21-12-15  9789
    Payment related

    With professionals around the globe working from home during the pandemic, and many using their home networks and personal devices to conduct business, many have struggled to rebuild their cybersecurity infrastructures from scratch, and have scrambled to figure out how to protect their organizations ......

  • Provisional Credit

    21-11-16  6978

    What is a Provisional Credit? How Can You Secure a Provisional Credit Reversal? ......

  • Mastercard Chargeback Time Limit

    21-10-31  9605
    Payment related

    Understanding the Dates & Deadlines Are you a merchant fighting an unfair chargeback claim? Or, are you a cardholder dealing with a case of criminal fraud? In either case, Mastercard chargebacks come with built-in time limits you need to know about. ......

  • Mastercard Advances B2B Payments with New Supply Cha...

    21-10-25  9441
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    * Mastercard Track™ Business Payment Service and new partnership with Demica enables easier access to flexible working capital for buyers and suppliers * New offering supports Mastercard’s expansion of its Track BPS network around the world with new partnerships solidified in North America, Middle  ......

  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

    21-10-14  6987

    Strong Customer Authentication: What You Need to Know About SCA in 2021 Strong customer authentication, or SCA, is not simply a description of verification standards. Under the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), SCA is now a law in the European market. SCA protocols actually went into effe ......

  • Cash Back on Debit Card Transactions: What You Need ...

    21-09-23  9925
    Payment related

    What Merchants Need to Know About Offering Cash Back on Debit Card Purchases? Providing cash back for debit card transactions is a popular customer service option for brick-and-mortar merchants. For those interested in offering this service, it’s important to understand the card networks’ regula ......

  • Error Chargebacks

    21-09-15  6615

    What is a Processing Error? For the most part, processing errors stem from mistakes you made at some point during the payment submission. Some of these errors may be caught by the issuer, the card network, or your processor. Others, such as “duplicate processing,” may go unnoticed…at least until th ......

  • Merchant Account Reserve

    21-09-13  7018

    What is a Merchant Account Reserve? When & Why Do I Need One? If there is one element of credit card processing that is universally dreaded by all merchants, it may be the merchant account reserve. All merchant accounts present a certain amount of risk to processors and banks. You may be req ......

  • Chargebacks vs. Churn: How to Strike the Right Balance

    21-09-09  7031
    Payment related

    A hallmark of the subscription economy is its promise of regular, recurring revenue. But what happens when billing…doesn’t recur?  ......

  • Double Refund Chargebacks

    21-09-06  7002
    Payment related

    What Is a Double Refund? “A double refund chargeback occurs when a cardholder requests a refund for a transaction, then files a chargeback for the same purchase. The merchant dutifully refunds the charge, unaware that the cardholder plans to dispute the charge and get their money back twice.”  ......

  • How to create a MID?

    21-01-27  9199
    How to use

    How to create or delete a MID  ......

  • How to set up 2-Step Authentication?

    21-01-27  7464
    How to use

    How to set up 2-Step Authentication? ......

  • How to add and delete an APP in merchant account

    21-01-26  8800
    How to use

    How to add and delete an APP in merchant account  ......