Ready-made module for abantecart1.2.9 Download Now

Ready-made module for abantecart1.2.9 ......

Ready-made module for abantecart1.2.9

install steps

1.UNZIP the file,and copy the folder “extensions” folder to your website root directory

2.Sign in your website’s backoffice,find the payment plugin, the path should be:
Extensions=>Payments=>default_ipasspay the right button:Install,then you can edit the payment plugin.

4.Enter the edit page, input the mandatory parameters, especially the following fields:
1)Merchant ID
2)Site ID
4)Gateway Version(leave it as default)
4)Gateway URL (leave it as default)

You will obtain all of them when you have the ipasspay merchant account.

5.For store icon front, you can upload the cc-logo.png in the folder.Other fields you can input the suitable value per your request

6.Click ‘Save’ button at the bottom, that’s all.

Last the ’Status’ should be “ON” then you can find it when you checkout in the frontstore.

1)Test under abantecart 1.2.9
2)You can change the ‘defaul_’ to your own prefix to meet your own needs
3)Currently we only have “English” language for the plugin
4)If you find the following file or folder, please ignore it or delete it.