How to create a MID?

How to create or delete a MID  ......

How to create a MID ?

After 2-step authentication completed, please find thesettingson the right top of merchant portal.


Then find the "+"


Then fill in the needed information

 account 3.png

Company Name

Company Address

Company Post code

Settlement Currency (Every merchant mid is able to set a unique settlement currency, which cannot be modified after setting. Please confirm the settlement currency before submitting for review.)

Company Tel


Industry Category

Legal Person Name


Legal Person Address

Legal Person Post code

Company Certificates (Files need to be uploaded in zip or rar format, The size of the uploaded file cannot exceed 8M. )



One MID can create multiple MIDs, which is able to meet your needs of running different kinds of business and adopting separate settlement. If you have multiple MIDs, please switch to the corresponding one to operate. You can switch on homepage.

account swift.png

How to delete a MID?

MIDs can only be deleted in the state of Pending! If you have two or more MIDs, please first switch to another MID then delete.