About Fastpay-link

About Fastpay-link ......

About fastpay-link

Fastpay-link provides an independent payment page which allows the merchants without strong tech ability to accept credit card payment online fast and easily. Merchant can only create one fastpay-link for each application.

If you need this function, please contact our compliance staff to activate. After that you can click APP ID then you will see the fastpay module.

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You can set an access password that is a pin code for each fastpay-link, or make it directly accessed without setting any password. It is optional.

Click the fastpay-link and fill in amount as well as email address ,clickNextand fill in card information and bill information. Transaction is completed. You can send the link to your customers and let them input order amount and complete the payment ,or set a default amount to assist your customers to finish the payment.

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